Month: August 2018

Shark Tank Show Makes History as Fans and Judges are Stunned!

Everyone knows that the Sharks are extremely exigent and it is very difficult to convince them to invest in a business. They usually ask a lot of questions and rarely you can see two Sharks investing in the same business idea. However, one of the recent shows marked a premiere in the Shark Tank Show. The Sharks almost fought with each other to invest in a brilliant business idea. The result? $3.5 million invested for 25% of the company’s shares. What does this mean? There is no other business presented so far that managed to convince the Sharks to invest such a big amount.

Who are the lucky winners? The brain behind this business is named Trevor Hiltbrand. He is a Stanford University graduate who put everything into this business. He partnered with two sisters, Anna and Samantha Martin. The girls were the ones who actually came to the TV show and presented their idea to the Sharks.

The Sharks Unanimously Invest Their Millions In Garcinia Diet Pill Business

The health industry is huge. When you have an efficient product, with proven results, it is practically impossible to lose in this business. This was exactly what Anna and Samantha did to convince the Sharks. They did a detailed research and came with clear results on how their product can change their clients’ lives and improve their health.

The sisters re-branded and created a modern and interesting packaging for the Shark Tank weight loss product episode. Therefore, they were extremely confident that they could convince the Sharks. When you present a product that you trust and you create a story around it, it is impossible to not convince any investor on this Planet.

How Did The Two Sisters Convince The Sharks?

Anna and Samantha came with a clear plan to Shark Tank TV Show. Their numbers showed how their company will rapidly grow in the following years as long as they keep the high quality and invest in marketing. Their extensive research on the market’s demand and consumer behavior convinced the Sharks to put their money on the table. What is more, they were also convinced by the pill’s efficiency.

The two ladies proved that this weight loss pill can have an important impact in their clients’ lives. They convinced the Sharks that this is a unique investment opportunity. They called their product “the miracle weight loss” pill and gave all the arguments to prove that they are right. Their presentation was so interesting and catchy that the Sharks started to compete with each to become the unique investor in this business.

In the end, everything turned out to be a premiere in the TV show. All 6 investors put their money into this business and their total investment was the biggest in the show’s history. All the numbers presented and the entire business idea convinced the Sharks that they cannot lose in this partnership. Hence, they decided to take part in a project that improves people’s health and helps them lose weight.