Android device and ts applications are in headlines for a long time now. There are few applications, for instance, Pokemon Go, SnapChat and many more that are getting updated with new features and notifications. We have the top four headlines for Android apps that you would want to know:

  • Pokemon Go – With release of Pokemon Go for Android applications people are being repeatedly being warned by the police to be safe and secure. Pokemon Go has been into controversy for a very long time. According to the police department, people should avoid using Pokemon Go while traveling or on a walk. It can be quite dangerous.  Criminals and thief’s are taking advantage of this application. Therefore, Using Pokemon Go on a walk, or while driving is not a great idea.
  •  SnapChat introducing new feature – SnapChat is launching a new feature called Memories. Memories will allow you to save all your favorite snaps and organize them. This includes My eyes only section where users can save snaps with a password, this will prevent strangers to look out into your mobile. Soon this features should be launched on SnapChat.
  • Badland 2 not much to expect – Badland 2 is soon going to release for Android phones. Well, we have a bad news too, Badland 2 has been licensed by the cheetah makers, developers of Clean master. It is reported that now Badland 2 will be freemium with advertisements and pop ups. There will be extra in app purchases. Thus, Badland 2 is not going to live up to its predecessors. We can say this especially for Android users.
  • Why third party launcher don’t have Google Now Integration – Well the creator of Nova Launcher posed a blog explaining this fact saying that Google only allows integration with system applications. The regular apps are not installed in the system. Thus, Third party integration with Google now is not possible. Well, we expect that someday API will be expanded.

These the top 4 news headline for Android users. We will be updating with all the recent news on the same page. So, be tuned in with us for some crispy news on technology. That’s all for this week see you next week. If you think we have missed a news, please let us know by your comments below!

snaptube image

SnapTube is an Android application software program that allows its users to download and enjoy videos from different social networks. The SnapTube application is supported with an APK file. In order to download the application, one needs to download the APK file in their device first. The link is not available on the Google play store but users do not have to worry about installing it from any other site as it is safe to download in any kind of Android smartphone. SnapTube has offered this generation an easy way to view, download and play videos and audios. This app has several search options and a catalog including subcategories. It has a section for videos with most views and another with daily recommendations.

Required conditions before downloading SnapTube application file;

  • Ensure that your smartphone is able to accept applications from third parties. Third parties include sources other than the Google play store.
  • If it cannot accept third party sources, visit your menu, click on settings. Locate where your security is and enable unknown sources.
  • If your device cannot accept this, then it will be hard to install the SnapTube app in your device.
  • If your smartphone accepts the above requirements then you can proceed to downloading the APK file.

Downloading SnapTube free download software;

  • Look for SnapTube app in different internet sources. You will find a link to click and download the APK file. You will get a warning pop up but just ignore it and click ‘OK’.
  • Once the APK file has been downloaded to your device, just click on the app to install it.
  • The application can either use WIFI network or the phone’s direct network connection to download, view or listen to audio and video files.
  • After the app is installed in your phone and you have notified it on which network to use, you can open and enjoy the great features that come along with it.
  • SnapTube offers upgradable levels. One can easily check for this in the sites manual cover. With each upgrade comes a new and improved feature.

Settings for the SnapTube application software

This is where you can change the path of the app to a folder of your choice. This can easily be done by clicking on the settings button in the app and making the necessary changes as per your requirements.

  • Download path; this is where you choose in which folder you would want to keep the downloaded videos.
  • Max downloaded tasks; you can easily increase the number from 2 to 10 as per your wishes.
  • Allow push notifications; you can disable the notifications of the app if you find it annoying.
  • Fast download mode; keep the feature of fast download mode on. This is to enable the application download your videos in the fastest speed possible.
  • Download updates via WIFI; users can enable this to enjoy the new features in each upgrade.


SnapTube free video downloader comes in many versions. To enjoy this app, be sure to download the latest version.

iMessage is Apple’s leading messaging platform; it let’s you do lot’s of stuff, some pretty advanced stuff too totally free!

So here are 5 iMessage Tricks that you might not know, these tricks are the tools of the trade that will redefine how you use iMessage on PC!


Most of the times, the apps out there in the market are featured overloaded, but we don’t use them because we’re happy with what it offers us directly, and we don’t care to go into the deeper details, well that’s exactly where we are wrong.

iMessage too, has some extremely strong and fun features with it, let’s have a look.

5 iMessage Tricks that you might not know:-

  1. Temporary DND: –At times, you get added to groups and conversation you’re not really interested in, or well you might not be interested in them for that particular moment.

I mean its like, you like the group or the guy, and you like talking to them too, but then again there starts a topic about something on which you don’t have the least idea, or interest.

In those cases what you can do is, tap on the conversation, tap on details > do not disturb.

What this will do is, this will temporarily mute the conversation for the time you do not turn it back on

  1. Contacts Filter: – This is a handy feature when you have a lot of guys who added you through your iMessage E-mail, which they might have found via some of your mutual friends or something.

In any case, those are the people you don’t personally know, and well you can keep all of them in a different list on your iMessage.

Go to Settings> Messages >Filter Unknown Senders yeah that does the job!

Use iMessage without Opening iMessage: – Magic? No. Feature? Yes! When you get a new iMessage, you swipe left to right in order to open the message and reply to it, right?

Well, what if I tell you that you can reply to it right from the lock screen? Without opening the app! Yeah.

Just swipe the screen from right to left, and a neat looking text box would pop up at the top of the screen and let you reply to that conversation right from there without the need to open the app itself.

  1. Permanently Keep Audio -Video Files:-iMessage lets you send audio-video files to your guys, right? But the sad part is they get deleted after a certain time interval.

But, let’s make them permanent.

Go to Settings> Messages > Expire option> Never!

Yeah, now the messages won’t be auto deleted and would be on your device as long as you want to keep them.

  1. Share your Location:- Well if you need your friends to be where you are right now, you can do that via the iMessage thing.

Just tap Details inside any conversation, and then choose share my location, the person would get an address as to where you are.

So yeah this makes organizing meets up easy as anything.

  1. Custom Vibrations:-

Well you can set up custom vibrations for different people on iMessage, so that your device vibrates specially for those messages!

All you have to do is, tap on a Contact> Edit and Vibration>Select new Vibration!

Done! Now whenever a message pops up from that person, this special vibration would greet you! Pretty cool huh?

So that was about it folks, 5 iMessage Tricks that you might not know! You liked the tricks huh? Mind sharing this piece?

You have YouTube for watching movies, videos or listening to back – to – back songs. We all know that youtube for sure doesn’t come for free. You need Internet connection and money to watch the movie you like. By chance you lose your internet connection, then wait for that irritation buffering sign to stop revolving around your eyes.

vidmateVidmate is one application that can solve all your problem in one go. Vidmate is an HD video downloader that allows you to get videos and songs for free from, YouTube, viemo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Metacafe and there are hundreds of sites like these.

Vidmate is one and only spot for your smartphone that allows you to download or watch HD quality movies, video clips and songs for free. It is very easy and fast to use with minimum advertisements. Doesn’t this sound music to your ears !

Another fierce contender for the title of the best app is Tubemate, lets see its comparison –

  • Vidmate has a plus point over Tubemate. It allow its users to download movies and video clips from different websites. There are no restrictions, whereas, Tubemate has some specified websites from where you can download stuff.
  • Though, Vidmate has less speed as compared to Tubemate, It covers by catering more options like songs, games and much more.
Download Vidmate on your smartphone

Though, Google play store does not support any kind of video downloader application, especially for YouTube, we have an Android APK link from where users can easily download Vidmate, on their Android Smartphones. Download here

Download Vidmate on your PC’s

Users who want to download Vidmate on their PC’s, have to download emulators first, like – BlueStack or Andy. These emulators will allow you to download Android applications on your PC. With Vidmate on PC, users can enjoy better video quality than on smartphone.

Download Vidmate on iPhones and Window devices

I am very sorry to say this, Vidmate is still not been updated for iPhone and Window phone users. You have to wait, the developers are still working on it.

I have tried to include almost all the important features of vidmate. Please do tell me how did you like the app by, writing your comments below. I’ll be waiting for your response. Thank you !



Every single day, people find to more convenient and fastest way to transfer data between devices. Data is the optimal part of any smart device. I mean just imagine a smart device without any data? How absurd is that!


In the present world, every smart device has the cutting edge technology. Now smart phones offer great storage capability. You can store tons of bits in just one single device. The storage limits usually start with 16 GB and ended at 128 GB. That number is huge. It means you can add playlists of songs and HD movies on your smart devices.

People love storing data on their smart phones. The real problem comes when we have to transfer data on a PC or any other device. Bluetooth and USB cable are he most common methods to do the job. But these mediums are obsolete one. Today’s world is run by Android apps. Every single activity has correlated application.

So the question is do we have any Android app that can help us with data transfer? The answer is yes. There are plenty of apps present in the market. Their technology is top most and fastest. Famous file transfer apps includes, Shareit, Xender and Zapya etc.

In this article we are gonna talk about Xender. Xender is top quality application that used for sending data between different devices. Xender run 50 times faster than Bluetooth. How this is possible? The only reason for such speed is the internet connection. Xender uses the Wifi technology of your smart phones. It creates personal hotspot and let recipient smart phone get connected. This way, you can send HD movie in few minutes.

Features Of Xender:

Check here are some important features of Xender:

  • You can share any type of data with other device, for example images, songs, HD movies, documents and presentation etc.
  • Connect with different devices and let Xender share the required data.
  • It uses the wifi technology. But does consume the internet traffic.
  • You can even share your installed Android app with other devices.
  • You can browse through all folders and files to pick right one for transfer.

You can easily install this app on your Android smart phone using Google Play Store.

In case you want this app on the PC, just follow these steps:

  • Install the Bluestacks Android emulator.
  • Open up the Bluestacks and enter your Google account credentials.
  • Search Xender in the search bar.
  • Simply install and start sharing data.

So you wanna play awesome games on your android, but don’t want it to cost a dime? games like that are hard to come by these days. but don’t worry; we’re here to share with you a great video that lists 21 Android games to play without spending a single cent.


ShowBox is a leading app in the entertainment category. Right now, Android is prevailing on every market and niche. There is no activity on the earth left without Android app. Music, gaming, health, business, content and entertainment, app for each purpose.


Entertainment is the big part of everyone’s life. People love to watch movies. Even I am movie maniac. With the birth of Android, watching movies is much easier. With the help of Show Box watching movies is such a fun for free of cost. It is free to download and install on your Android smart phone.

Millions of people are enjoying this app on their Android devices. But people always want more. So now they want it on a Windows PC or Mac PC? How to get an Android application on the PC.


Well, if you are searching for a guide on how to install Showbox on Windows PC. Then you have landed on the right page. Because in this article, I am gonna show you how to install Showbox on your Windows PC or Mac PC.

Before getting into the installation process. Have a look upon features of ShowBox.

  • You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows free of cost.
  • Less advertisements on the app.
  • App recommended latest movies and programs to watch.

Now let’s dig in how to ShowBox download on Windows PC. ShowBox is an Andorid app. You cannot run an Android app directly on Windows or Mac OS. You need a software known as Android player. What exactly Android player does? Android emulator creates a virtual Andoird environment on the Windows PC or Mac PC. It allows you to run any type of Android app on the PC.

There are several famous Android players in the market. For example, BlueStacks and Andyroid.

In this installation guide, we are gonna use the BlueStacks Android player.

Using BlueStacks has many advantages. For example, it is free of cost and its installation is extremely easy.

  • First of all download the BlueStacks setup file from its official website.
  • Once downloaded, open up the setup file.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Now you need APK file of ShowBox.
  • You can download ShowBox APK from here.
  • Run the ShowBox APK file with BlueStacks.
  • Now ShowBox will automatically added to BlueStacks library.
  • You are done! Now enjoy free movies and shows on SowBox.

The apps are increasing in number with exponential rate at the Google Play Store. On a daily basis, hundreds of apps get added. Most of amazing apps are free to use. The service of Google Play Store is commendable. But just imagine, if you are on vacation or at a place with no internet access. But you need to have a specific app in your phone. How you will do that!

Well, Google is so smart. It knows our necessities. Why not using Bluetooth for app transfer. You never heard about this process. Don’t worry! This article is dedicated to App transfer through Bluetooth.


Transfer of apps over Bluetooth is no that simple. You need another application like SHAREit to do that. So it is advisable to always install Astro and Bluetooth Transfer App in your smartphone.

Astro is high recommended for the purpose of app transfer. This app generates the APK version of app you need to send. It does the conversion in a secure way so your smart phone won’t crash.


Here is the detail procedure to transfer an app from Android to Android.

1-Open Google Play app. Search “Astro” in the search bar.


2-Second step is to download and install Astro on your smartphone.

3-Once installation is complete, open up the app.

4-On the home screen of Astro, you will find a search bar on the top. Below that bar there are three options of locations, searches and recents.


5-Next thing is navigation towards “Tools > Application Manager”.


6-In the next windows, you will find two tabs of “Installed Apps and Backed Up Apps”.


7-First check “Installed Apps”. Let’s say you want to send ES File Explorer. Simply select the app and press on “Backup”.

8-The selected app will be highlighted as blue. Backed up Apps also includes this app now.



9-Now download and install Bluetooth File Transfer app from Google Play Store.


10-After installation, move to the folder “/mnt/sdcard/backups/” and select the app you want to send i.e. ES File Explorer. Once the file is selected, press the Bluetooth button.


11-Now the receiving device will appear under “Found Devices”. Simply send the file now. Once the file is received completely on another device. The Recipient can install the app on his/her smart phone now.


This guide is pretty same for all Android devices like smartphones and tablets. Please comment below in case of a query.